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New Natural Range of Natural Insulation Materials - NaturePro

NaturePRO is a range of natural, renewable, sustainable thermal insulation materials.

The range includes products made from Sheep’s Wool, Hemp and Wood Fibre. All three products have high thermal insulation properties meeting UK targets and regulations and also provide protection against condensation.

The NaturePRO products are easy and safe to install, with no skin-irritating fibres.

NaturePro Sheep’s Wool insulation is produced using fleeces from British farms. An excellent natural thermal insulation material for roofs, walls and floors, which also has good sound absorbing properties.

NaturePRO Hemp insulation is recommended for roofs, walls and ceilings. The material is produced from hemp straw, a crop which farmers are being encouraged to grow because of its high absorption of CO2.

NaturePRO Wood Fibre insulation is for walls, ceilings, roofs and timber joisted floors. Sourced from sustainable forestry compliant with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) requirements, NaturePRO Wood Fibre insulation’s heat capacity is more than double that of mineral wool. The product is available in flexible batts and in board form.

Information on the NaturePRO range is at or by calling 0870 950 9992.


Wood fibre insulation

NaturePro Wood Fibre - Natural Insulation

The new range of natural, sustainable, thermal insulation products, made
from sheep’s wool, hemp or wood fibre is rapidly gaining in popularity, especially
with self builders, and is being used in a number of projects across the UK.

One of these is Smoothfield Farm, a new, five bedroomed detached house near Windsor in the heart of royal Berkshire, where NaturePro Wood Fibre has been installed.

The property, which is being built on a 10 acre green field site, is very high specification and includes a swimming pool and stables as well as en-suite bathrooms in every bedroom.

The objective for Monty Gershon, the landowner and designer of the property, was to create a beautiful, warm and environmentally friendly home for his family. Also to use a wood fibre insulation solution which would help control the internal temperature of the building, reducing its carbon footprint.

Project manager, Paul Finch, of Finbo Project Management, selected NaturePro Wood Fibre products for use on both the roof and external walls. The product is made from wood fibres from an FSC approved sustainable forest, and is actually a carbon sink product storing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen during growth, resulting in an unrivalled embodied energy rating. It provides an additional layer of insulation to the external envelope, reduces thermal bridging and helps to control the internal temperature of the building, therefore reducing the requirement for excessive heating and cooling.

NaturePro Wood Fibre insulation’s heat capacity is more than double that of mineral wool. The product not only reduces greenhouse gases when growing and during the lifetime of the building, it can also be recycled after use.

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