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NaturePro Natural Fibre Insulation Product Range

The NaturePro range of natural fibre insulation materials delivers the same fantastic performance as more conventional materials by using completely sustainable natural fibres in our insulation. They combine low thermal conductivity and relatively high thermal mass, insulating against the cold but also creating a comfortable summer environment.

Their natural hydrophilicity also provides moisture control which helps to reduce humidity, helping to create a breathable building, and thus improving building durability.

Our systems provide low psi values which are a measure of the cold bridging between elements. All these products will contribute strongly with respect to reduced environmental impact and responsible sourcing of materials, and the credits achieved when calculating the requirements for the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Natural insulation materials such as sheep’s wool, hemp and wood fibres may look like rather humble, low-tech solutions to a high-tech problem but it is their very “naturalness” that makes these materials perfect for high performance insulation.

Image showing sheep's wool insulation batts, hemp insulation batts and wood fibre board insulation.


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